For potential home buyers, Malibu’s abundance of wildlife makes the Malibu luxury real estate community one of the most attractive areas in Southern California. During the months of December through April, Malibu becomes the ideal spot for gray whale watching. Due to Malibu’s close proximity to the gray whales near-shore migration route, visitors and residents witness the most spectacular views of these magnificent animals.

Every October, small groups of gray whales begin their southern migration from the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The 40-tonne whales travel day and night to complete their 14,000 mile round-trip journey from feeding ground to breeding ground. This is thought to be the longest annual migration of any mammal.

One of the best locations for gray whale watching is Point Dume State Beach. Located at the northwestern tip of Point Dume, the beach features headlands, cliffs, and rocky coves. In addition to whale watching, visitors also enjoy swimming, scuba diving, fishing, and swimming. The beach has also been featured in numerous films such as Entourage, The Big Lebowski, D-Day Sixth of June, and the Iron Man films.